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The Hunt

English | Mind Games | Some Scary Moments | NPC Included
Duration: 90 Mins+15 Mins Recap

Difficulty: 5 / 5
Recommended group size: 2
-6 people

Price: $43.99+tax per player

You are Mr. Klein, who is a regular salaryman and goes to work every day. If there's something different about him, OR saying you - it is that Mr. Klein loves his wife unconditionally.

But......your wife, Nancy, is a bitter mean lady and your blind love is also spoiling her day by day. She has got a really bad relationship with your neighbour Diana and her daughter Ann. Conflicts between the two families have become more and more frequent.

One day after work, you just got home and suddenly there was a blackout! Now you find yourself in complete darkness, and you have no idea what is going on. The truth is, you are involved in a serious incident. Your goal is to find out the whole picture of the situation and get out of this nightmare......

The Storm Interior.png


中文 | 全机关密室 | ​非恐 | 还原真相

难度: 4 / 5 
建议人数: 2-6 人




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